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If you live and work in California, it’s impossible to ignore the countless solar electricity systems that seem to crop up every day. Thousands of homeowners have already made the switch from dirty utility electricity to clean sunshine.

And this trend isn’t limited to the residential market.

For years, Fortune 500 companies – from Google to Walmart to Apple – have invested heavily in solar electricity for their buildings. But increasingly, smaller businesses are realizing it’s smart to make the transition – especially as installers like OnSwitch continue to drive down the cost of adding solar panels to parking lots and commercial rooftops.

But why would any company go through the trouble of installing solar panels on their property?

For starters, the process is a lot easier than many people realize. If you choose the right installer, there’s really no “trouble” at all (more on this later).

However, the primary reason businesses are going solar is simple.

It comes down to high savings.

Understanding California’s Commercial Building Solar Boom

California already has some of the highest utility electricity prices in the country. And these rates keep trending upwards as the state continues to:

  • Decommission nuclear power plants.
  • Invest in smart grid modernization.
  • Install more EV-charging infrastructure.

It’s easy to understand solar power’s growing appeal.

Installing solar panels allows you to replace expensive utility power with clean and free sunshine. Depending on the size of your solar installation, your electricity consumption, and whether energy storage is a good fit for your building’s electricity profile, it’s possible to reduce your utility bill by 50% or more. In fact:

  • Many solar customers effectively wipe out the energy charges in their utility electricity bills.
  • Most generate so much clean power that the utilities become their customer – buying the excess solar electricity in exchange for credits to their bill.

Moreover, when utility rates do go up (and they most certainly will), your solar panels will shield you from these future price hikes. And as a result, your monthly electricity bill savings actually increase over time.

Why Going Solar the Right Way Matters

The above benefits are very real. This is especially true in a state like California, which has both plenty of sunshine and expensive utility power.

However, reaping these benefits requires going solar the right way, meaning:

  • Your solar system is designed to the specifics of your building and electricity consumption by engineers who know how to maximize your savings.
  • Your system is installed by experienced professionals using high quality components
  • You successfully navigate the solar financing terrain.
  • You know your solar provider is giving you the highest-savings solution in the market

These steps may seem overwhelming at first. How do you make sense of all the options?

Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

At OnSwitch, we do all of the heavy lifting for you – from the moment you request a quote until the moment your solar system becomes operational. Not only do we simplify the entire process, but we give you the highest-savings solution in the market.

In fact, getting started doesn’t cost you a single dime.

To learn how we can help, request your free OnSwitch solar quote today.