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Things to Know About NJ SUSI (new solar incentive program)

On July 28 the NJ Board of Public Utilities announced the Successor Solar Incentive (SUSI), which will officially launch August 28, bringing a close to the current TREC incentive. There is still time to secure the TREC incentive and applications must be submitted no later than August 27, 2021. Up to 41% reduction of incentive value For commercial solar projects installed on a roof or carport, The proposed incentive is up to 41% lower than currently available under the Transition Incentive...

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Changes Coming to California Net Metering

The CPUC is preparing to make changes to the way solar energy is net metered by the big three investor-owned utilities (PG&E, SCE, SDG&E). This will end the current net metering rules known as NEM2 and replace them with new rules under NEM3. There is little certainty about what NEM3 will look like, what we know is that it will be less favorable to solar customers. If you are thinking about going solar, get into NEM2 now while you still can. The CPUC is evaluating more than a dozen…

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3 Things to Know About Upcoming NJ Solar Incentives

In early 2020, the NJ Board of Public Utilities implemented the Transition IncentiveProgram (TREC) as a bridge between the previous SREC Program and the yet to be implemented Solar Successor Program. The TREC program was designed to be temporary and indications are that it will close in summer 2021, and the NJ BPU recently released its Solar Successor Program Straw Proposal If you are thinking about going solar in NJ, there is still time to claim a highest …

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