The New, Radically Simpler Way to Go Solar

Lowest prices on top-quality commercial solar systems at the push of a button.

OnSwitch patented SkyQuote aerial technology maps your buildings and generates accurate commercial solar quotes in 24 hours - or in seconds if we've already mapped your area.

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The SkyQuote database includes thousands of commercial building solar quotes with hundreds more added each day.  Each SkyQuote includes a complete proposal including a solar design, savings analysis, financing options, and the guaranteed lowest price on a top quality system.  For access to the database, sign up as an OnSwitch partner.

SkyQuote Technology

OnSwitch's patented SkyQuote technology (U.S. Patent No. 10,373,011) automatically generates an accurate solar quote using just a building address.  The process starts with high definition aerial imagery of the area.  Then, AI goes to work generating a high-resolution 3D aerial map of the roof, and surrounding, shade producing objects.  Finally, SkyQuote optimizes the solar design to maximize savings factoring utility rates, energy use, local sunlight, and component prices.

Aerial Imagery

Multi-view, high definition and 3D.

Roof Mapping

AI-based image processing, and detailed modeling of buildings and objects.

Solar Design

System optimized to maximize net cost savings.

How it Works

1. Get a Free Quote

OnSwitch technology uses imagery of your roof and parking lot to quickly design your highest-savings solution

2. Explore Options

Customize your web quote based on your specific goals and preferences. If you’d like, consult with a salesperson

3. Order

You can review your purchase agreement and order online anytime

4. Start Saving

Most installations are simple enough that you’ll start your cost savings in just a few months

Why it Works

Highest Financial Return

Often we are asked how we can offer the highest-savings solutions in the market at a guaranteed lowest price, while offering top quality systems.  The answer isn’t one key innovation, but rather the aggregate of many smaller innovations.

These are the kinds of innovations that can only come through our deep experience and learning from the thousands of commercial customers we’ve worked with and the hundreds of energy systems we have installed for businesses, non-profits, and public agencies across the country.

We’re so confident that we guarantee you won’t get a lower price from anyone else.

Easiest Way to Buy

Our deep experience in onsite energy systems for commercial buildings enabled us to engineer-out of the buying process those things that can make it a long, complex and frustrating experience for customers.

That way, exploring and buying solar isn’t a huge effort for you.  And you can focus on the key objectives of your job and the core mission of your organization.

With access to best-in-class finance partners, OnSwitch can offer your preferred way to buy your energy solution, whether owning the energy system, financing the system, or getting electricity service from an energy system owned by a financing company on your property similar to how you buy from the utility today.


As a market platform, our simple goal is to provide each customer with the best onsite energy solution and the easiest way to buy it.  We are technology- and provider-agnostic and so not limited in what we offer our customers.  Unlike conventional commercial energy providers, we aren’t constrained to use our own components, or our own installer group, or our own financing fund.

That enables us to focus on you the customer, and the solution that works best for you based on all the available options in the market.

And as your advocate, OnSwitch continuously drives its platform partners maintain a high level of communication and responsiveness to the needs of each customer, ensuring full customer satisfaction during the buying, financing, installation and operation of each energy system.

Customer Success Stories


The OnSwitch platform helped Fortune 50 company PepsiCo convert unused land next to their Fresno CA bottling plant into a profit center by installing a 1 MW solar energy system. OnSwitch’s solution includes sun-tracking panels to maximize PepsiCo’s financial return and better achieve their corporate sustainability goals.

Global Logistics Co. With over 300 locations in more than 100 countries, and a corporate sustainability goal of being a global leader in driving emissions reductions across their industry, this high-profile companybrought to the OnSwitch platform by a premier energy system developer in the OnSwitch Sales Partners network to get the most competitive installation pricing in the market. One of the company’s Southern California facilities was selected for solar and the system was installed by a local OnSwitch installer partner.

Promise California Portfolio As experts in the unique energy and sustainability requirements of affordable housing, Promise was looking for high-quality solar energy systems at the lowest-prices for their clients, and found that on the OnSwitch platform.  Multiple OnSwitch installer partners are now executing the rollout of solar energy systems across California.

Pamco Machine Works Looking for ways to reduce their operating costs, Pamco their highest-savings solar solution including financing through the OnSwitch platform. OnSwitch designed a rooftop solar unit to provide over 90% of Pamco’s electricity use while substantially lowering their energy costs. OnSwitch is now evaluating energy storage to tackle Pamco’s utility demand charges.

Pepsi Facility

Pepsi Company asked OnSwitch to identify which of their U.S. facilities would best support a solar energy system and make a strong impact on their corporate sustainability goals. OnSwitch analytics recommended their Riverside CA facility and then connected Pepsi to an OnSwitch platform installer partner who was both highly experienced in large solar systems and headquartered nearby. (Representative photo since system under construction)