The Simplest Way to Switch to Solar for Commercial Buildings

OnSwitch’s SkyQuoteTM aerial technology and pre-costed solar systems make it simple to buy solar for commercial buildings.  Get a fast, accurate quote for a top quality solar system on your building.

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Solar Developers

OnSwitch and SkyQuotes help commercial solar project developers too. Learn about the technology trends shaping the solar industry and how OnSwitch helps developers slash customer acquisition and installation costs.   

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How it Works

Step 1     Enter building address and get your quote.

OnSwitch uses aerial imagery to map your roof and our digital process produces an instant, accurate quote for a commercial solar system.

Step 2     Consult with your OnSwitch advisor.

Your OnSwitch advisor will answer your questions and help you choose the right purchase and financing options.

Step 3     Use SkyManager to easily track OnSwitch as we install your solar system.

When you’re ready to buy, contracting with OnSwitch is simple. OnSwitch will arrange any financing, then obtain permits, procure components, and install your solar system. You can view installation progress anytime using our proprietary SkyManagerTM website.

Why OnSwitch?

Highest Cost Savings

OnSwitch designs top quality commercial solar solutions that give customers the highest savings in the industry.  OnSwitch customers have realized up to 40% savings off of their current electricity rates.

Easiest Way to Buy

OnSwitch makes it easy to buy solar for your commercial building with fast, accurate designs and pricing.  Then, our expert advisors help you pick the best option and do the legwork to manage your project from start to finish.

Top Quality

OnSwitch designs its solar solutions with only Tier 1 components. OnSwitch knows that quality for a 25+ year life system is of the utmost importance to our customers and financers so focuses company-wide to ensure our installation services meet the highest levels of quality and safety.

SkyQuoteTM Technology

OnSwitch’s SkyQuoteTM  starts with your building address. Then our patented software goes to work to map your roof, design your commercial solar system and generate a price quote based on the best costs established by OnSwitch’s networks of suppliers and subcontractors (U.S. Issued Patents No. 10,373,011 and No. 10,970,591, European Union patent pending).

Aerial Imagery

SkyQuote starts with high-definition aerial imagery of your address.

Roof Mapping

Roof Mapping

Then, it creates a detailed 3D model of the building and surrounding objects using AI-based image processing.

Solar Design

SkyQuote automatically selects equipment and designs the system on your roof to maximize cost savings.

Ready-to-Buy Quote

Finally, SkyQuote calculates your price using the best costs from our network of suppliers, contractors, and financers.


If you want to evaluate solar for more than one of your buildings, OnSwitch will create a personalized SkyPlanner with quotes for multiple buildings.  The SkyPlanner provides you the ability to quickly view, compare, and rank SkyQuotes to identify the best solar project opportunities for your organization.

 How OnSwitch provides Highest Quality Solar at the Lowest Costs

Technology-Driven Cost Savings

OnSwitch’s SkyQuoteTM and SkyPlannerTM technologies reduce the overhead costs of solar projects related to design, optimize, and quote a solar system, while OnSwitch’s SkyManagerTM software reduces the costs of installing a solar system. Those technology-driven savings and our marketplace business model enable us to offer such low prices.

Experienced Solar Project Teams

OnSwitch is led by a seasoned team averaging nearly 20 years in the solar industry. Collectively the team has developed and built over $1 Billion of commercial solar systems for hundreds of businesses, public agencies and non-profits. A customer receiving a first SkyQuote can rest assured that OnSwitch has already thought through for that SkyQuote the end goal of an installed, operational, top quality solar system.  See examples of our past projects