Who We Are

Population, urbanization, and energy use are all increasing worldwide.  We believe the rapid expansion of buildings controlling their own energy will make the world a much better place – by reducing energy costs, combating global warming, and connecting people to their own energy-generating potential.

Most commercial building owners want that choice too, but to date have been daunted by the complex process required to buy onsite energy systems customized to their buildings.

We’ve changed that.

We’ve taken all that make onsite energy systems costly and complex and looked at it in a new light, to bring onsite energy solutions to businesses and public agencies at a guaranteed lowest price and the easiest way to buy.

Your Platform for Commercial Building Energy

OnSwitch is a trusted market platform providing onsite energy solutions to commercial buildings for the highest financial return and the easiest way to buy. When an energy buyer comes to the platform, OnSwitch analyzes their building, energy use, and organizational preferences; then evaluates all available onsite energy systems and services, utility services, and financing options to generate a customized and financially-optimized solution for the energy buyer. Leveraging their deep experience and industry relations, OnSwitch orchestrates their networks of pre-qualified installer, supplier, and financing partners, ensuring the best options in the market are always available for any particular customer’s requirements. OnSwitch procures all major equipment used in the energy solutions to obtain the highest volume price discounts to give the lowest prices and the strongest warranties for our customers. As a customer advocate, OnSwitch continuously drives its platform partners to maintain a high level of communication and responsiveness to the needs of each customer, ensuring full customer satisfaction during the buying, financing, installation and operation of their energy system.

Unparalleled Experience

OnSwitch was formed by a leadership team who worked side by side over the past 17 years at commercial solar energy pioneer PowerLight Inc., global leader SunPower Corporation, and one of the largest solar panel suppliers in the world Hanwha Q Cells. They developed and built well over $1 Billion of rooftop, ground-mount, and carport commercial solar systems for hundreds of businesses, public agencies and non-profits across the U.S., including the likes of Walmart, Target, Lowes, Hewlett-Packard, Whole Foods, Toyota, PR Farms, U.S. Navy, Los Angeles Unified School District, and many more.  OnSwitch customers can take comfort in the fact that in the DNA of OnSwitch is the development, installation, and operation of more commercial solar systems than anyone in the world.

Mark Bronez

Mark Bronez

CEO/Board Member

During his 15 years in executive positions at solar electricity leaders PowerLight, SunPower, and Hanwha Q Cells, Mark led the teams that brought solar electricity to over 250 businesses and public agencies. A world record. Mark’s vision is solar panels on every open rooftop.

Vijay Ananthakrishnan

Vijay Ananthakrishnan

COO/Board Member

Vijay’s 12 years with Mark at the PowerLight, SunPower, and Hanwha Q Cells included leading 300 employees and responsibility for solar project installation run rate of $1.5 billion annually. Vijay is passionate about infusing commercial solar with production line scalability.

Fred Vaske

Fred Vaske


Fred has over 25 years of project and corporate finance experience, including a decade in executive positions with pioneering developers in the solar PV and energy storage industries. Fred has led finance teams which cumulatively closed over $2.5 billion in renewable energy debt and equity transactions.

Stacia Okura

Stacia Okura

VP Energy Analytics

At SunPower, Stacia led analysis of customer electricity prediction and launch of the first solar leasing program for the new home market. Before drinking the solar Kool-Aid, Stacia was responsible for advanced statistics and big data analyses on public energy projects.

Gary Neate

Gary Neate

VP Execution

Yet another old colleague for 11 years at SunPower, Gary has built and led teams engaged in all aspects of solar system installation for homeowners, commercial home community builders, and businesses.  Gary has been responsible for the successful installation of over 25,000 solar energy systems to date, and counting.

Andrzej Teplicki

Andrzej Teplicki

VP Execution Partners

Andrzej  (On-Jay) is yet another former SunPower leader, where he led strategic global supply chains. Andrzej brings to OnSwitch 24 years of global strategic partnering experience at Booz Allen, Accenture, and KPMG consulting, as well as executive leadership at SunPower, KLA-Tencor, and Flextronics.

Rick Whisman

Rick Whisman

VP Energy Solutions

Rick is a 16-year commercial energy solution veteran, including 12 years at global solar leader SunPower and a recent two years at EnSync, a pioneer in energy storage solutions.  Rick’s deep experience in both solar and energy storage makes him a uniquely valuable resource to OnSwitch customers.

Daniel Shugar

Daniel Shugar


Dan has spent 27 years advancing the renewable energy sector. He is currently CEO of NEXTracker, which he has taken to #1 global market share and acquisition by Flex company in 2015 for $330M. Previously Dan was CEO of Solaria and President of SunPower/PowerLight.

Highest-Savings Energy Systems

Financial Optimization

OnSwitch analyzes their building, energy use, and organizational preferences; then evaluates all available onsite energy systems and services, utility services, and financing options to generate a customized and financially-optimized solution for the energy buyer. Once the solar, storage or electric vehicle charging systems are installed and operating, OnSwitch continues to maximize customer cost savings through system monitoring and analysis, maintenance, and energy storage reprogramming services.

Solar Energy

Electricity from solar systems on building rooftops or parking lot structures costs less than utility electricity in most of the U.S., and because a solar electricity system’s output is known for the next 25 years, solar provides a valuable financial hedge against unpredictable, rising utility costs.  Solar systems fulfill greenhouse gas emission mandates, and being favored by 9 of 10 Americans draw strong goodwill from the building owner’s customers, suppliers, and employees.

Energy Financing

Customers often purchase directly their energy systems to take advantage of large tax benefits or to enjoy the highest financial return possible.  As an alternative, OnSwitch’s in-house team working through the platform’s large network of financing partners offers financing options to customers based on the energy solution type and the customers preferences, including electricity service agreements, power purchase agreements, loans, leases and PACE.

Energy Storage

For customers with the right energy profile, energy storage (batteries) can be integrated with solar energy units to further increase the financial return of the OnSwitch energy solution.  For example, while solar can slash monthly energy bills, energy storage units can amplify those savings by addressing utility demand charges.  Energy storage systems can also be reprogrammed easily to allow building owners to respond to changes in utility charges or take advantage of new electricity market opportunities.

Electric Vehicle Charging

OnSwitch ensures building owners who have or would like to evaluate electric vehicle chargers in their parking lots minimize their monthly electricity bills for charging, while providing safe, reliable and efficient charging.  Coupling charging with the right-sized solar and storage systems can dramatically increase cost savings, amplified by the number of electric vehicle charging stations.

Customer Success Stories


The OnSwitch platform helped Fortune 50 company PepsiCo convert unused land next to their Fresno CA bottling plant into a profit center by installing a 1 MW solar energy system. OnSwitch’s solution includes sun-tracking panels to maximize PepsiCo’s financial return and better achieve their corporate sustainability goals.

Global Logistics Co. With over 300 locations in more than 100 countries, and a corporate sustainability goal of being a global leader in driving emissions reductions across their industry, this high-profile companybrought to the OnSwitch platform by a premier energy system developer in the OnSwitch Sales Partners network to get the most competitive installation pricing in the market. One of the company’s Southern California facilities was selected for solar and the system was installed by a local OnSwitch installer partner.

Promise California Portfolio As experts in the unique energy and sustainability requirements of affordable housing, Promise was looking for high-quality solar energy systems at the lowest-prices for their clients, and found that on the OnSwitch platform.  Multiple OnSwitch installer partners are now executing the rollout of solar energy systems across California.

Pamco Machine Works Looking for ways to reduce their operating costs, Pamco their highest-savings solar solution including financing through the OnSwitch platform. OnSwitch designed a rooftop solar unit to provide over 90% of Pamco’s electricity use while substantially lowering their energy costs. OnSwitch is now evaluating energy storage to tackle Pamco’s utility demand charges.

Pepsi Facility

Pepsi Company asked OnSwitch to identify which of their U.S. facilities would best support a solar energy system and make a strong impact on their corporate sustainability goals. OnSwitch analytics recommended their Riverside CA facility and then connected Pepsi to an OnSwitch platform installer partner who was both highly experienced in large solar systems and headquartered nearby. (Representative photo since system under construction)