Our Mission

Every Commercial Building on 100% Renewable Energy

To tackle climate change, we need to move quickly toward renewable energy.

Today, solar is a reliable and cost-effective option for many organizations.  Commercial solar costs have fallen by 66% since 2010 and continue to decline.  Government incentives like the federal investment tax credit and various state programs make solar even more financially attractive.  Progressive organizations are also leading the way with commitments to become carbon neutral.

The potential for solar is enormous.  Over 1 million commercial buildings in the U.S. could switch to solar, save money, and generate renewable energy.  In spite of this, only 3% have switched to solar because the process is too difficult and time-consuming.

AI-Powered Market Platform for Commercial Solar Energy Solutions

OnSwitch is a market platform designed to make it simpler for solar developers and building owners to buy and install commercial solar energy solutions at a guaranteed lowest price.

OnSwitch simplifies the purchase process by pre-qualifying solar installers, suppliers, and financing partners who we match with projects in their area.  When a building owner or solar developer partner requests pricing, OnSwitch SkyQuoteTM technology automatically designs the highest-savings solution and finds the best price from a pre-qualified partner in the area.

OnSwitch then supports installer partners with value-added software and services.  OnSwitch handles the overhead of design, engineering, and project preparation including site inspections, permitting, and contracts.  OnSwitch also assigns experienced solar project teams who provide project oversight and support using a proven methodology and software tools.