SkyQuoteTM Technology


SkyQuoteTM Features

OnSwitch proprietary technology uses aerial roof mapping to generate:

  • Accurate solar design specific to your building
  • Complete, contract-ready proposal with avoided cost analysis, 25-year savings, and financing options
  • Guaranteed lowest price from pre-qualified solar providers

SkyQuoteTM Technology

OnSwitch’s SkyQuoteTM  starts with your building address. Then our patented software goes to work to map your roof, design your commercial solar system and find the lowest price on the market from competing vendors (U.S. Patent No. 10,373,011).

Aerial Imagery

SkyQuote starts with high-definition aerial imagery of your address.

Roof Mapping

Roof Mapping

Then, it creates a detailed 3D model of the building and surrounding objects using AI-based image processing.

Solar Design

SkyQuote automatically selects equipment and designs the system on your roof to maximize cost savings.

Ready-to-Buy Quote

Finally, OnSwitch finds the lowest price from pre-qualified installers and financiers for your quote.

SkyQuoteTM Marketplace

The SkyQuoteTM marketplace includes thousands of contract-ready commercial solar projects pre-quoted at the lowest EPC cost with hundreds more added every day.  Become an OnSwitch developer partner to access pre-qualified projects to accelerate your solar business.

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