I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to speak at the International Cinema Technology Association (ICTA) LA Seminar Series on January 10 in Los Angeles, CA.

The panel is called “Sustainability – Implementing the Technology” and includes Cinemark’s VP of Energy & Sustainability. I will be discussing the value of and strategies for on-site solar at cinemas, production studios, and other buildings in the movie industry.

OnSwitch has experience working with a range of movie theatres from CA to TX to NJ, including a solar portfolio for Cinemark. Cinemark chose to install solar on their buildings where it drives immediate Year 1 savings, as part of their corporate energy & sustainability goals.

Using our patented fast and accurate SkyQuotes, along with our SkyPlanner portfolio view to evaluate, rank, and prioritize projects, OnSwitch has installed solar at three Cinemark theaters so far, totaling 860 kW.

Movie theaters are excellent candidates for solar – they are often large, “box-style” buildings with flat roofs that consume consistent energy seven days a week. Production studios can benefit, too, since they often carry a healthy energy appetite from the filming equipment that is used.

Excellent federal tax credits and local utility incentives may surprise movie industry energy users with how much they can save, especially with power purchase agreements (PPAs) that don’t require capital expense and can yield immediate savings.

If you are also attending the ICTA Conference in January or would like to hear more about getting a SkyQuote for your company location, please reach out to me.

You can also check out our projects and request a custom SkyQuote at onswitchenergy.com.