We are excited to announce that OnSwitch has been named on the Top Solar Contractors List of 2023 by Solar Power World!

OnSwitch was recognized as a Commercial and Industrial (C+I) developer with projects totaling 9,709 kW installed in 2022. Since our founding, OnSwitch has installed over 22,300 kW – that’s enough solar to power 3,657 homes!

OnSwitch’s mission is to simplify and in turn speed up the C+I solar installation process. While on-site solar provides a valuable solution for both rising energy costs and sustainability efforts, only about 3% of the 1 million+ qualified buildings in the US have solar systems installed.

Being recognized for our progress is fulfilling as a clean energy start-up, as well as providing good news for the community as we continue to address climate change.

We hope to climb the list in years to come!

If your company is interested in getting a SkyQuote for your building, please reach out at and we can build a custom SkyQuote ready in 48 hours! Check out the full article here –