Only 10 years ago, the commercial solar industry was a new, immature industry.  In that context, business owners sought out out highly specialized solar companies to design, procure, and install their systems and have confidence they would work smoothly for many years.  A solar company’s depth of experience was critical to selling and enabled those few companies to command a premium price for the solar components and systems.

Now, things are different. As the industry has matured, component prices, designs, and financing options have become standardized commodities.  In any region of the country you’ll find dozens of companies offering solar installation and many high-quality suppliers providing solar panels and other key system components. This sophisticated, robust, and competitive market, has made it much easier and cheaper for businesses, non-profits and public agencies to make the switch to solar.

Now that quality components and installation are the norm, financially savvy organizations are choosing systems to maximize savings on their utility bill.  Achieving the highest financial returns requires the system to be customized to each building.  The solar design, costs, and specifications need to be tailored to the electricity profile of the building and the goals of the organization.

OnSwitch solar solutions do just that: OnSwitch’s patented SkyQuote technology automatically designs a customized solar solution for each building offering the highest financial return available in the market.  The SkyQuote technology radically simplifies the buying process for rooftop solar by giving prospective buyers instant access to their own customized, accurate digital quote available on-demand.

With today’s digital technologies, you can buy just about anything easily and affordably.  At OnSwitch, we believe buying commercial solar at the lowest price should be just as easy.  For the highest-savings solar energy solutions for businesses and public agencies go to OnSwitch today at to receive a free quote customized to your building.