Join the OnSwitch Marketplace for Commercial Building Solar Projects

Thousands of ready-to-buy solar projects and the tools and support to get them done.

Why Partner with OnSwitch?

OnSwitch Marketplace is the Simplest Way to Buy and Sell Commercial Solar Projects

Buying and selling commercial solar projects is simpler through the OnSwitch Marketplace.  OnSwitch pre-qualifies solar installers, suppliers, and financing partners ensuring that partners are able to reliably deliver projects on time with quality execution.  When customers or developer partners request a quote, our SkyQuoteTM technology automatically designs the system, finds the best price from our marketplace, and creates a ready-to-buy quote.

The solar project price includes OnSwitch’s value-added software and services.  We handle all of the up-front solar design, engineering, and project preparation including site inspections, permitting, and contracts.  We also provide project management support with dedicated project teams, a proven project methodology, and custom software to streamline the process.

Thousands of Ready-to-Buy Solar Projects

OnSwitch has pre-quoted thousands of commercial buildings with ready-to-buy proposals including the solar design, savings analysis, and financing.  OnSwitch’s proprietary SkyQuoteTM software (U.S. Patent No. 10,373,011) makes this possible using aerial imagery, AI, and our connected marketplace of solar installers and finance partners.

We’re adding hundreds of new SkyQuotes every day in the most attractive commercial solar markets and expanding nation-wide.  We’re on track to map every viable commercial bulding in the U.S. by the end of 2020.

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