Accelerate Your Commercial Solar Business with OnSwitch

Get Access to OnSwitch’s SkyQuotes Technology Platform Database and Low Cost, Top Quality EPC Services

How it Works


Start with Pre-Qualified Prospects

Get access to thousands of pre-quoted rooftop commercial solar projects.  Each includes a customer ready proposal for the building occupant with a complete solar design, avoided cost analysis, and PPA financing options.


Run Higher ROI Lead Generation Campaigns

Leverage the SkyQuote for each of your pre-qualified prospects to get higher return on investment from your lead generation campaigns. Target each campaign by filtering specific SkyQuote prospect metrics, and include a read-to-buy, customized SkyQuote proposal in for each prospect you target.  View your target list online or download the data into your CRM or marketing campaigns.

Get Top Quality EPC Services at Lower Cost

Get the lowest cost in the market for top quality EPC or installation-only services as detailed in each SkyQuote. Our highly experienced project teams will reduce your fulfillment costs and help level your spikes in project execution demands.

Why it Works

Thousands of Ready-to-Buy Solar Projects

As a developer partner, you’ll be able to access thousands of ready-to-buy projects.  OnSwitch has pre-quoted thousands of commercial buildings at the lowest EPC cost with hundreds more buildings added every day.

OnSwitch can do this using proprietary SkyQuoteTM software (U.S. Patent No. 10,373,011 and Patent No. 10,970,591, European Union patent pending) that automatically:

  • Creates a high-resolution 3D map of the building, roof, and nearby shade producing objects
  • Designs a solar system for each building based on the latest solar design standards and equipment, tariffs, solar irradiance, and component pricing
  • Selects the lowest cost installation services from OnSwitch’s regional subcontractors network
  • Generates a ready-to-buy proposal accessible online
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Lowest EPC Cost in the Market

OnSwitch’s SkyQuoteTM technology cuts overhead costs to design, optimize, and quote a solar system, while OnSwitch’s SkyManagerTM software reduces the costs of installing a solar system and allows our Developer partners to track the installation progress. Those technology-driven savings and our marketplace business model are how OnSwitch can offer such low prices.

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Experienced Project Teams

OnSwitch is led by a seasoned team averaging nearly 20 years in the solar industry. Collectively the team has developed and built over $1 Billion of commercial solar systems for hundreds of businesses, public agencies and non-profits.

A Developer partner receiving a first SkyQuote can rest assured that OnSwitch has already thought through for that SkyQuote the end goal of an installed, operational, top quality solar system.