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SkyQuote Database

The SkyQuote database includes thousands of pre-quoted solar project proposals with hundreds more added every day.  Each SkyQuote includes a complete solar design using top quality components optimized for cost savings, pre-quoted at the lowest price from our network of pre-qualified solar installer partners.

SkyQuote Technology

OnSwitch's patented SkyQuote technology (U.S. Patent No. 10,373,011) automatically generates an accurate solar quote using just a building address.  The process starts with high definition aerial imagery of the area.  Then, AI goes to work generating a high-resolution 3D aerial map of the roof, and surrounding, shade producing objects.  Finally, SkyQuote optimizes the solar design to maximize savings factoring utility rates, energy use, local sunlight, and component prices.

Aerial Imagery

Multi-view, high definition and 3D.

Roof Mapping

AI-based image processing, and detailed modeling of buildings and objects.

Solar Design

System optimized to maximize net cost savings.