OnSwitch Solar Projects

Pepsi – Fresno

The OnSwitch platform helped Fortune 50 company PepsiCo convert unused land next to their Fresno CA bottling plant into a profit center by installing a 1 MW solar energy system. OnSwitch’s solution includes sun-tracking panels to maximize PepsiCo’s financial return and better achieve their corporate sustainability goals.

Pepsi – Riverside

Pepsi Company asked OnSwitch to identify which of their U.S. facilities would best support a solar energy system and make a strong impact on their corporate sustainability goals. OnSwitch analytics recommended their Riverside CA facility and then connected Pepsi to an OnSwitch platform installer partner who was both highly experienced in large solar systems and headquartered nearby.

Global Logistics Co.

With over 300 locations in more than 100 countries, and a corporate sustainability goal of being a global leader in driving emissions reductions across their industry, this high-profile companybrought to the OnSwitch platform by a premier energy system developer in the OnSwitch Sales Partners network to get the most competitive installation pricing in the market. One of the company’s Southern California facilities was selected for solar and the system was installed by a local OnSwitch installer partner.

Promise California Portfolio

As experts in the unique energy and sustainability requirements of affordable housing, Promise was looking for high-quality solar energy systems at the lowest-prices for their clients, and found that on the OnSwitch platform.  Multiple OnSwitch installer partners are now executing the rollout of solar energy systems across California.

Pamco Machine Works

Looking for ways to reduce their operating costs, Pamco their highest-savings solar solution including financing through the OnSwitch platform. OnSwitch designed a rooftop solar unit to provide over 90% of Pamco’s electricity use while substantially lowering their energy costs. OnSwitch is now evaluating energy storage to tackle Pamco’s utility demand charges.