Example OnSwitch Solar Customers

AMC Theaters

Through a competitive bidding process against 12 other companies, OnSwitch was selected by AMC Theatres for their first solar system. OnSwitch brought in project financing to pay for the installation and maintenance of the rooftop and parking lot solar systems, such that AMC only pays for the solar electricity monthly as it is generated, and at a price much lower than AMC’s utility electricity. AMC benefits from OnSwitch’s proprietary SkyPlannerTM to evaluate which of their 600 buildings should have solar next.


With 525 buildings in U.S., Cinemark is one of the nation’s largest building owners in addition to its global facilities. As part of their corporate energy sustainability goals Cinemark is installing solar on their buildings wherever it makes financial sense, so Cinemark is using OnSwitch’s patented SkyPlannerTM to evaluate, rank, and plan their solar rollout. OnSwitch has already provided solar systems for Cinemark’s first three buildings and is now adding energy storage options for Cinemark.

Large Beverage Company

A Fortune 40 Large Beverage Company prioritizes sustainability across the entire company, including clean energy. OnSwitch helped them achieve their annual corporate sustainability goal by converting unused land next to their Fresno California bottling plant into a profit center by installing a large solar electricity system. OnSwitch was selected through competitive bidding because OnSwitch offered the highest financial return solution.

Maersk Group

At #297 on the Fortune 500 list, and with over 500 locations in more than 130 countries, Maersk is the largest shipping company in the world and has a corporate sustainability goal of being a global leader in driving emissions reductions across their industry. OnSwitch teamed with a member of the OnSwitch Development Partner Network to install Maersk’s first solar system. OnSwitch was selected for the project due to their industry-leading pricing and high-quality installation services.

Mercy Housing

As experts in financing the unique energy and sustainability requirements of affordable housing, Promise Energy needed a solar system provider who could respond well to the complexities of affordable housing buildings, do it at a financeable price, and meet their client’s demands for top quality solar. Mercy Housing is the largest nonprofit affordable housing company in the U.S. OnSwitch installed both rooftop and parking lot solar on 12 of Mercy Housing’s buildings across California.

Pamco Machine Works

Looking for ways to reduce their operating costs, Pamco found their highest-savings solar solution and lease financing from OnSwitch. OnSwitch designed a rooftop solar system to provide over 90% of Pamco’s electricity use while substantially lowering their energy costs. OnSwitch is now evaluating energy storage to tackle Pamco’s utility demand charges.

Large Beverage Company

Following the success of OnSwitch’s solar tracker installation at their Fresno plant, a Fortune 50 Beverage Company asked OnSwitch to recommend which of their U.S. facilities would best support a solar energy system and make the strongest impact on their corporate sustainability goals. Using their proprietary SkyQuotesTM, OnSwitch was able to quickly determine their Riverside California bottling plant was the best next facility for solar.


As a leader in their industry with more than 500 buildings worldwide, Cinepolis had been eager to start using solar electricity. The opportunity arrived with the construction of their new luxury cinema complex in Carlsbad, California. OnSwitch was awarded the solar project based on OnSwitch’s deep experience in engineering and installing solar systems in coordination with new building construction.